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How to praise a man for good sex

There are many adult services in Sydney but not all of them have escort girls that know how to praise a man. Do you know what men really want to hear? Words of gratitude. It is usual for men to be surrounded by people and colleagues who will criticize at any given chance. Therefore, if you want to make a help your client to appreciate the time spent with you and try to spend happier and pleasant hours together – learn to say words of gratitude. These words are especially important during the night time. Given that a man “hears” a magic “thank you” in his life, in principle, not so often, gratitude for sex is so badly damaged in his memory that for the rest of his life, he will remember the person who used this magical phrase. Today we will learn how to choose the right words of gratitude for intimate affinity, and also learn the moments that should be avoided.

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A well-received compliment is sometimes better than any other gift in the world.

Winning phrases

Men, like women, are quite good at distinguishing flattery from sincere words. Therefore, three-story dithyrambs on its part will quickly be passed through the filter of doubt and are considered suspicious. The more pretentious you are, the more likely it is that a man will understand your words to the exact opposite and decide that he did something wrong, and with his inept cumbersome compliments you just try to smooth out the awkwardness.

So let the words of gratitude for sex be as simple and even banal, cinematic:

  • “I’ve never been so good” – an ideal option. No explicit references to other men, a simple and understandable construction of the proposal, a minimum of details.
  • You know, when you did * anything that he did in bed *, I felt so good!” – Another good option. Praise a man for a particular action – it will sound truthful and understandable. At a minimum, you will spur a man to do this action on and on, and perhaps, passion will develop in him, and he will become more resourceful in bed.
  • And the most concise option is simply to say one or two words. For example, “cool”, “how good”, “God, what a buzz” and other everyday phrases that we can say while listening to your favourite music, eating pizza or after a long-awaited visit to the shower on a hot evening.
  • I admire you.

What not to say

Contrary to the widespread misconception, among men, there are also a lot of very sensitive and not too offensive individuals who are inclined to find reasons to spoil their mood on an equal footing. It can be caused by complexes, education and just general fatigue, constant stresses and increased brain activity, when he constantly has to think at work, to calculate the options and consequences of decisions taken. Therefore, try to avoid potentially dangerous topics that can lead men to unnecessary thoughts. Do not talk about the size of the genitals, the number of his girls before, the number of your partners (“Of my 15 men you are quite good yourself!”). Remember that the client is essentially paying you for your companion and also for sex

You can also play it naughty but more subtle and be inviting him to share your desires. Tell him what you would like him to do, how you would like him to take you and let him choose between two proposals. Or ask him where he wants to start. Less authoritarian than a direct sentence is also the promise of a lot of things that please him.


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