Long Lasting Sex

Ways to increase the duration of sex

The duration of sex is one of the talked about topics for many men. And if you want to become the best girl with whom your partner happened to be in the same bed, it is in your interest to try to come up with something to extend the joint pleasure, even if only for a few minutes.

It sometimes happens that the man cannot control himself during the sexual intercourse and is carried away by the passion of the moment a little too early. As his partner, it should be your task to try to prolong the experience.

There are a lot of ways for this. Of course, most of all depends on the man himself; however, some women are able to control certain moments. In the end, if a representative of the stronger sex decided to spend the night with you, you are ought to extend the pleasure time as much as you can – that is your duty as a private escort.

Effective method number one

So, the first method will be somewhat paradoxical and will require doing everything delicately and correctly. The essence of this – longer sex, it is necessary that not so long ago a man already had sex. After all, everyone knows that the second and even more so the third time a man always gets longer than the first, especially after a long abstinence. So, all that remains to be done is:

  • Start your evening with an innocuous oral sex, brought to the end – that is, to orgasm. Serve it as an aperitif before a “big dinner“, like warming up before a serious race. In the end, do you know at least one man who will refuse such a noble woman’s impulse?
  • If there is no time for the above-mentioned method, the opportunity to follow the previous advice, then masturbation, also brought to the end, will do. Such an innocuous game in some public place (if you are, for example, going to a movie or going by a car before a meeting) will also allow you to stay longer in a sex race, and just kindle the desire and excitement between you.
  • Other methods: In the event that these methods cannot be applied due to some circumstances, try other recommendations. For example, use a special condom. Each major manufacturer of rubber products has a series of products with special lubrication inside, prolonging pleasure due to dulling of certain sensations.
  • And the most natural way – just learn to feel your man and understand the signals that his body sends. Strengthening moans – orgasm is close, it is better to slow down a bit, switch to kisses, change the pose, try to change the place in the room, in a word, give his body a break. If a man accelerates – this is also a sure sign that he will soon explode. Ask not to hurry, slow down the pace, and show that even with less intensive movements you are also well.

Men do not like it when they are told how and what to do. Respond to the right actions with cheers and encouraging behaviour. Try to be balancing when you are working on your goal.

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