What really pleases men? Stuff escort girls should know

To finally have clear ideas on what really pleases men, we asked them this question. A smile, a pair of high heels? What exactly fills men’s eyes? These are valuable information for private escorts who are trying to maximize your earnings, you should work towards becoming the girl who is able to please men. Here is the summary of the answers we got.

Does the physics really count?

Let’s start with the most controversial topic. Surely all women think: “Men look only at the physical aspect “, “They only want beautiful and slim women”. Well, you have to proceed point by point. First of all, if a man wants only sporadic relations and nothing more, maybe yes, he will only take into consideration the physical aspect. However, if a man really wants “something more”, he will begin to notice other aspects.

Men love women who are not distant!

It is a little paradoxical because it is often said that men are afraid of losing their freedom but there is a fine line of balance between the two. Men also like initiative in women that is keeping in touch with them, planning events and etc. Your client will be happy when he sees you are interested in talking to him and getting along very well. However, we are not suggesting you be completely accessible. Men lose their interest rather quickly when they get what they want easily. You can implement being distant during sex too but only when it is appropriate and needed, for example, to prolong the duration of sex.

Excessive makeup won’t get you far in men’s eyes

Makeup is not bad in itself. On the other hand, it’s the way a girl uses it to make herself beautiful that poses a problem. Some women overuse makeup on their faces and this annoying habit repels men. The latter prefer natural girls. Nobody is perfect and nobody has to be. There is no harm in being beautiful but it should not be too much.

Mysterious girls

They give the impression of hiding a secret. They speak in riddles and reveal nothing of their private lives. They stay away from men and do not necessarily seek their attention. Yet their unusual charisma and behaviour arouse interest and curiosity. Again, remember the balance – do not be too distant from your companion.

Smiling women

Men especially like women who smile warmly. They look more open, more understanding, more loving and more sincere. Men you are with are paying for your services and they expect a smiling person next to them. Smiling, in general, is a good personal sign and you should adopt it in your private life too. Smile and compliment your man in the bed –  this will definitely play out as a plus side for you.

Cultured and well spoken

In this regard, men prefer a woman who can talk about politics, religion, geography, sport … In short, a vast repertoire of topics with which women can demonstrate to be acculturated and, above all, who knows how to maintain a conversation. At the same time, men appreciate a woman who knows how to listen, who is receptive and who is not scandalized in the face of more radical opinions. Man thus understands that his opinion is taken into consideration and respected.

Women with a strong but also affectionate character

As already explained in the previous point, more and more men are looking for an independent woman and for this, they love women who have a certain character and who do not passively accept everything that man says. They are looking for a person to share passions and opinions and to talk about anything without having any taboos. No taboos mean no limits in imagination. You can play any role – character that pleases your client.

Does that mean you always have to have character and show yourself strong? Of course not! Men like women who are so fierce and sure of herself in front of others that she becomes a loving, attentive person who gives importance to their men in intimacy. In this way, he will feel more loved and respected.

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