It's 6pm on a Friday evening. You've signed off the budgets and the last of the six Heads of Department has cleared out of your office. You glance at your designer watch and realise you've been glued to that leather office chair, in a board meeting, for a good grinding 10 hours.

Your head hurts, your back muscles are strained and your mind is stretched. You'd rather have been doing another kind of grinding. You rub your forehead whilst the urge to re-centre and unwind into a blissful weekend, with a Provocative Partner who stirs your loins.

Wait. You don't have one. That Sassy Blonde you met two years ago turned out to be nothing you push that thought to the back of you mind you decide that what you deserve is some well earned rest and relaxation. It's your first free time in a long time. Why not! You reach for the phone and dial our number, 0421 938 550, to get exactly what stirred your loins in the first place.


From your boardroom to the bedroom we offer you an experience with a Steamy Team Players to sleepover, spend the entire day and night or any way you'd prefer.

Start with intelligent conversation leading into wining, dinning and a special desert of exotic lingerie. Ease into the night with a sensual massage and natural, warm full mouthed kisses on that oh so hot spot. Experience steamy intimacy which will leave you begging for more. Would you like a night of snuggling, cuddling and back tickles till you fall into a blissful, satiated sleep?

You may awake in the morning and reach over to that warm, soft, supple, sexy body lying next to you for your taking. Know she will be there in your arms for your pleasure only. It's your prerogative.

Choosing our exclusive Overnight Experience package allows you the privilege to experience an authentic and unfettered connection with our mature, confident lady.
An out call will incur travel costs. Please inquire when booking.