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What You Can Expect from a Corporate Curve Escort Experience

“Natalia where have you been all my life, great sex, amazing curvy body and yes a definite G cup. Natalia is so beautiful and she really made me laugh. She has such a great sense of humour. She is very comfortable with herself. We had such a nice connection. Wow what a woman. Definitely great quality time and value.”


“I travel to the Central Coast most weeks for business. Great service love the new concept, it’s really relaxed. Both ladies I have seen were different but the same as in great quality, very friendly and great sex. Perfect and really different than I have experienced in the past. It’s about time Central Coast.”


“I was nervous. It’s not something I do often. Anna was so comfortable, relaxed and super friendly on arrival it was like a breath of fresh air. It felt like we had known each other for so long. Great body curves in all the right places just as she described to me over the phone. I so enjoyed her company it really added value to my trip.”


“I was a little unsure about the relaxed time concept from my end as I only had an hour or at least I thought I did. However the fact that time wasn’t an issue really added to my relaxation and gave me the opportunity to let go. No immediate deadlines meant perfect value for the money spent. I was completely blown away by how comfortable I was made to feel by the lovely Anna/Isabella. She was so cool and cruisy which added to me already feeling relaxed with this concept. Wow I’d never experienced this before, not to mention the warm passionate light-hearted personality of Anna /Isabella who is the true meaning of golden goddess. Intense intimacy, a real connection made it all so perfect. I will be back.”

MatthewCentral Coast

“It’s more expensive but definitely worth it. Natalia is amazing.”

MarkCentral Coast

“I was on a business trip from Africa in Sydney. The Industry Legislation in Sydney intrigued me. I searched online and was pleasantly surprised to find Corporate Curve. The calls were answered timorously and the Corporate Box Experience was one I will not forget. A return trip to Sydney and another experience with one of the Steamy Team Members is definitely on the cards! Thank you for an excellent service.”