Gorgeous GM (Dinner & Convo)


It’s not all about getting naked and having sex. We so get that. Our specialty is intelligent conversation enjoyed with mouth watering flavours of exotic cuisine, premium champagne, caviar, silk stockings, a tight sexy skirt with lingering intoxicating fragrance. We offer you the experience to express and share your precious time amazing life stories, free flowing laughter and innocent flirting with our Steamy Team Player, if this is as far as you will go.


It’s been a while since you’ve been in the company of a well dressed, intelligent, free flowing conversant woman. That project took a good six months to complete! You wouldn’t have it any other way though. Your career has always been your first wife…..apologies we mean choice. You feel its time to get dressed to the nines, dial our number and make that call. Some good company, select wine and delicious dinner and a perfect companion is exactly what’s on your mind. Nothing else.

Understanding the role that the mind plays in sexual desire is intoxicating and the cornerstone of our business. Go on try it. It’s your privilege and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Dinner & Convo Privilege

2 – 3 HOURS

Dinner & Convo Only Privilege

2 – 3 HOURS