In your lifetime you may have watched the movies, bought all the magazines and drooled over the internet watching with intent. It turned you on at 20. You're a man now. Pornstar. You let that word flow through your mind as your imagination wonders. You've always been a visual kind of man.

A firm supple body, young or mature doesn't matter. What does, is having the experience in front of your face. Ripe and ready for your taking. The making of your very own movie is what you'd like to experience. There will be no cameras of course but you get our drift. You cannot wait to get off this long haul flight to your comfortable home or hotel room and make that call.


You plug it into your diary as an important "To Action" point. You can feel yourself growing hard from the mere thought of a delightful and satisfying true story.

If you’ve ever wanted to act out your deepest fantasy, that porn scene that turns you on more than any other… then now is the chance to turn dreams into reality. A full PSE with your own personal porn star that will blow your mind. Think of the dirtiest, kinkiest, raunchiest scene with your favourite porn star, taking place in your very own living room, kitchen, bedroom or office.

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An out call will incur travel costs. Please inquire when booking.