Provocative Partner (girlfriend)


The finest whiskey in hand, you lay your head back against the recliner and close you eyes. You take a deep breathe in and mentally pack yourself on the back for another successful day at the office. You close your eyes and the memories flood your mind. You do the math and realise its exactly three years that you discovered exactly who she was. A narcissist of note.

You shudder when you think of that almost soul destroying experience. How exactly did you put up with all the lies, secrets, covert behaviour and double standards? Thank blue daffodils you returned to your senses and peeled yourself away from her controlling clutches quick enough to save yourself and your bank balance.

A man of your stature knows when to cut your losses don't you. You're no Batman but you certainly have the lifestyle. Isn't it time you treated yourself to a real, even though temporary, Girlfriend Experience with a mature woman? You sit up in your chair energised and full of desire as you reach for your phone and dial our number for exactly what you deserve 0421 938 550, a beautiful experience with a mature woman and no strings attached. Just the way you like it these days.


A girlfriend companion without commitment, except during the connection.

Stimulating conversation, erotic cuddles with affection, intriguing foreplay and seduction, passionate kissing, natural oral, sexy entwined togetherness with steamy shower to end.

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Choosing our Girlfriend Experience package, allows you the privilege to experience an authentic and unfettered connection with our mature, confident lady.
An out call will incur travel costs. Please inquire when booking.