Aaaah Role Play. You feel yourself harden at the thought. You've always loved the Secretary act. It's your biggest fantasy. You've returned from a month away from home working on that way too long assignment overseas! It's good to be back in your country, your home and in your own bed. You are restless and in need of some serious action. You've earned it and your bank account shows it. Why not spoil yourself you think to yourself. You reach for you phone and dial our number already anticipating absolute and total satisfaction. Something you've missed out on the past few weeks. Go on you deserve it.


The fantasy is yours, what would you like me to wear as your sexy secretary, a tight skirt with collared shirt or leather boots masks and spurs, a sexy X-rated striptease or a teasing slow peel. The tease is the best fore play before we unfold into wild passionate togetherness. The mystery of what lays beneath the mask or those lace panties is where it all begins.

Please take your time with this package as the experience is unforgettable wetness.

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An out call will incur travel costs. Please inquire when booking.