10 Foods Men Should Eat For Better Sexual Performance


We have taken the guessing game out of what works and what doesn’t by creating a list of 10 foods that men should be introducing into their lives to increase their sexual performance.

Peak performance is something we all strive for, to ensure we are sexually pleasing our intimate partners. While there are many different methods out there to boost your sexual stamina, one of the key things is what you put inside your body.

By introducing foods into your life that raise your sexual performance, you will be a king in the sheets in no time. With any luck, you won’t have to fight off the big finale by thinking about football or vacuuming ever again!

Here are the 10 best foods men should eat for better sexual performance.



It’s no secret that oysters have an aphrodisiac effect. There is nothing sexier than enjoying a dozen oysters over a glass of wine on a date. On top of that, they are sure to boost a man’s sexual performance later on in the night.

Oysters improve dopamine levels in both men and women, which boosts their libido. The high concentration of zinc in Oysters is also a strong boost for male testosterone production and healthy sperm.



Another sexy date food. Enjoying a chocolate soufflé at the end of a wonderful meal, or introducing it for pleasure in the bedroom are both rather sexy. The thought of drizzling warm melted chocolate over your companion is enough to get anyone aroused.

It’s not just a sexy food, however. Raw cacao in its pure form has now been listed as a superfood. Cacao contains the chemical phenylethylamine, which is known to increase the sense of excitement and well-being. Another delicious food to increase sexual performance for men.



Adding a little spice to your meal definitely gets the blood pumping.

Capsaicin is what makes chilli’s spicy and it is also a chemical that raises your heart rate. This increase causes the cardiovascular system to respond by dilating the blood vessels through the body. The dilation of blood cells promotes stronger and longer erections. What better way to increase your sexual performance?



They might not be the sexiest food, but who doesn’t love sweet potato fries?

High blood pressure is linked to an increase in erectile dysfunction. Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium which combats high blood pressure.

Even if you have no issues getting it up, having the right amount of potassium in your diet encourages better moods and increased energy levels.



Frozen watermelon balls can be a sexy treat in the bedroom.

Not only is this fruit delicious, but research is also calling watermelon the new Viagra. Watermelon is known to create similar effects to the blood vessels in the body as Viagra. Watermelons contain the amino acid L-citrulline which is great at relaxing the blood vessels, and in turn, increasing the sex drive.

Next time, switch out those ice cubes for some frozen watermelon balls – a sweet and sexy pleasure for better sexual performance.



As with oysters, pumpkin seeds are high in zinc. Instead of snacking on pumpkin seeds, consider adding pumpkin seed oil as a flavour enhancer to your food.

Pumpkin seeds are loaded with all types of vitamins and minerals to raise your libido and boost sexual performance for men. We touched on the importance of potassium earlier, and pumpkin seed is another great source of this.



Definitely not one to try on the day of your date with a sexy lady. However, the long-term results of raw garlic have proven to be amazing.

Garlic contains allicin, which is known to increase the blood flow to your sexual organs. This is not an overnight fix. This is something that needs to be incorporated into your diet long-term to reap the benefits of heightened sexual performance.



Not as well-known as oysters in being a natural aphrodisiac, but it’s said to be one of the most effective. This spicy food increases the heat in your body which, in turn, increases the sexual appetite.

Cinnamon oil has also been proven to improve brain function, which will help you stay more focused on your partner during lovemaking.

Consider burning some cinnamon oil or candles to create a romantic ambiance on your next date. We are certain she will be blown away with your boosted sexual performance.



Similar in flavour to cinnamon, this potent spice is another powerful aphrodisiac.

Cardamom contains high amounts of the compound 1,8-cineole which not only increases the blood flow but it helps to release muscle tension.

Fill up on this spice, relax into a beautiful night of passion and wake up feeling like a brand new man.



Leaving the best ‘til last.

There are no vitamins, minerals or chemicals that have a reaction on the body to vanilla. It’s the smell of vanilla that is found to be extremely euphoric and sensual to men.

Introducing a vanilla ice-cream dessert in the bedroom is a sure-fire way to get you in the mood for a night of pleasure. Or massage her supple skin with this delicious vanilla body butter.

If you have ever noticed a lady wearing the sweet smell of a vanilla based perfume, the secret is out! The smell of vanilla will leave most men following a woman down the street as you see in the cartoons.

If you are serious about increasing your sexual performance, the above 10 foods are a great starting point to get you on track to more pleasurable and longer sex.

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