Our Top Ten Ways for Corporate Men to Let Off Steam


Here at Corporate Curve, we have put together this list of our recommended top ten ways for corporate men to let off steam. In order to make sure they never forget that they’re worth every penny they earn.

Being a high-powered man in the corporate world comes with no shortage of benefits. The money, the sharp suits, the respect of your peers, the ability to make the decisions which bring about great success… It’s a list that goes on and on, and which makes the corporate lifestyle one certainly worth aiming for.

Knowing how to relax and have a good time is essential for any man. It is even more vital for those in the corporate world. After all, everybody needs to find ways of releasing all that tension – and businessmen tend to keep more tension bottled up than the average civilian.

What’s more, the old adage remains true no matter the profession: work hard, play a whole lot harder.

That’s why we at Corporate Curve believe in the importance of kicking back, indulging yourself, and living the good life.

Read through our list of stress-relieving techniques for businessmen to find out what made it to the number 1 spot!



Let’s kick things off with the obvious one: hitting the gym.

When you work out, you get the rare chance to totally disconnect from the world around you for a moment. It just becomes you, the treadmill or weights, and your fitness target for the day. The minutes slip away with every rep, every pace, or every lift. There really are few better ways for men to let off steam.

The best part? Regular workout sessions at the gym aren’t just good for your mind and your ability to cut loose from your office life. They’re also a fantastic way to ensure you stay in top shape, and build up your energy reserves for the days ahead.

If you’re staying in or around Sydney’s CBD, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to high-end gyms. These gyms are custom-made for quality workouts and active downtime.

The following three gyms are among our favourites. They are all within a few minutes’ walk of the district, feature quality equipment and offer a range of classes.

Here’s 3 Faves:

George St. Platinum

F45 Training

City Gym Sydney



Make no mistake, sometimes – and especially when you’re in desperate need of letting off steam – alcohol really is the answer.

However, that doesn’t mean that you need to head down to your local corner shop to pick up some max-strength lager and drink yourself into oblivion in front of the TV (although if that is your thing, then who are we to judge?).

Indeed, there are ways of making use of the devil’s juice that offer a bit more when it comes to elegance and sophistication.

There was a time, and not so long ago when gentlemen of the corporate world were expected to have an appreciation of fine spirits. Did an episode of ‘Mad Men’ ever go by without a scene at a cocktail bar? Or without someone popping a cork or opening a decanter? We thought not.

A great way of relaxing, treating your senses, and enjoying your free time with a boozy kick is to come up with your own signature cocktail. Either that or spend a few moments learning how to mix one of the absolute classics.

If you want to truly up your seduction skills and make the kinds of cocktails that’ll get the ladies coming back for more, you’ll have to master some female-friendly classics.

Here’s 3 Cocktails Women Love (Tip: Learn How to Make These!!!)


Espresso Martini

French 75



OK – so we’ve listed the idea of spending an evening in with a fine whiskey or brandy cocktail, living out your 1950s fantasy in style. However, sometimes, that’s just not going to cut it.

Sometimes, you will have had the kind of week at work during which things have really not gone to plan. Your colleagues might have driven you to the brink, and you could have pulled more late nights in the office than should be legally allowed.

When this kind of week grinds you down – sometimes – you need to hit the town in a big way, and let off steam with some real ferocity.

We’re talking a proper bender, here. Pub after bar after a club, maybe with a strip joint thrown in for good measure. Pints of beer, fancy cocktails, cheap shots, a bottle of Champagne. Basically, a world of booze needs to find its way down your neck.

You’ll stagger home – maybe alone, maybe not. But you know what? The week you’ve just had will be forgotten, and you’ll have had a hell of good time forgetting it.

For the best nightclubs in Sydney, you really want to head to legendary nightspots to lose yourself in music and alcohol for a few hours (or a few more…)!

Our Top Picks:

The World Bar

The Marquee

Club 77



Like to stay in shape, but need something a bit more high-intensity than a regular class or session at the gym?

Boxing is hugely popular with men in the corporate world to let off steam, and it’s not particularly hard to see why.

This is a sport which is as much about tactics, reaction speed, and bobbing and weaving, as it is about landing a punch on your opponent. Not only that, but the rush of adrenaline you get from being inside the ring is hard to beat.

Our Recommendations:

The Corporate Fitness Centre

Boxing Works

Bodypunch Boxing Gym

All great gyms that specialise in boxing and MMA. Give it a try – it’s probably better than ending up punching a difficult client.



If you haven’t already discovered the heady, naughty, no-strings-attached thrill of hook-up apps and fast dating, then you’re in for a real treat.

Mobile dating apps aimed at getting like-minded people together for a date, and maybe more, have exploded over the past few years. There is sure to be one out there perfect for you and your needs.

Even if you don’t end up in a stranger’s bed, the thrill of matching with somebody from out of the blue and meeting up with them at a bar just moments later is hard to beat.

Going on random dates is a great way of trying out your smoothest moves and best lines. Check out what the local women are like (and what they like to get up to after dark).



In the number 5 slot comes an absolute classic: getting yourself a proper massage delivered by a trained expert with magic in their fingertips.

There are plenty of different massage options corporate men can choose from when it comes to relaxation and letting off steam. However, we reckon the best types are Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and massage therapies which work with ‘tension points’ on the body.

When you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by work, there’s nothing like lying back and letting an expert do what they do best with your body!

Want a massage that gives you a little more? Contact one of our ladies for an extra special massage. Just for you.



Letting off steam is sometimes about giving your senses a real treat. Few things manage to hit the spot for a high-powered man, quite like an evening in the company of some seriously good food.

Sydney’s fine dining scene just seems to get better and better, year on year. Boasting a wealth of top local and international talent who work with incredible home-grown ingredients. You are sure to find a restaurant that’s ready to take you on a gastronomic journey you won’t forget in a hurry.

The great thing about fine dining is that it really gives you a chance to cut loose from the daily routine of the office and your home. It allows you to experience something truly different, and truly masterful.

It’s all about splashing your cash on absolute indulgence and giving your taste buds something totally new, totally memorable, and totally thrilling.

Check Out Sydney’s Local Treasures:

Quay – for its legendary crab dishes and harbour views.

ARIA – for seasonal fare and an award-winning wine list.

Cafe Sydney – a favourite haunt for Sydney’s rich and powerful.



When you’re in need of some real tranquillity and relaxation, there’s nowhere more effective than the beach.

The crashing of the waves, the feeling of sand between your toes, the endless blue of the sky meeting the limitless blue of the ocean… That is something truly special, and the kind of place where you can genuinely let go of your cares and feel good about life.

Seriously, a bit of time in the sunshine does you plenty of good in a whole number of ways. These include lowering your blood pressure, ensuring a better night’s sleep, and generally boosting your levels of happiness and relaxation.

Head Out To:



Manly Beach

When you’re in need of some powerful vitamin D injections, just jump in your car and drive – you’re sure to hit the coast sooner or later!



It’s not a coincidence that so many corporate men can be found on the golf course during their downtime to let off steam.

This Sport Comes With a Long List of Benefits:

  1. It’s a great way to get out of the house and partake in some low-impact cardio. The average golfer burns over 1000 calories per round!
  2. It’s a chance to catch up with friends and business partners in a light-hearted and informal setting, and
  3. It’s a whole load of fun too.

If you work in the corporate world, the chances are you’ll find yourself invited for a round sooner or later… So if you aren’t already a golfer, there’s no time like the present to work on your swing.

Sydney – being the beautiful corner of the world that it is – has plenty of stunning golf courses to visit and enjoy.

Many of them don’t even require a membership and are accessible via day passes. So, if you’re not sure whether golf is your thing (at least, not yet…), then you can still go along and enjoy the course as a one-off.



This is it: our number one recommendation for corporates looking to let off steam. All while having a whole load of fun and giving themselves the kind of treat that working hard and playing harder is really all about.

Booking an elite escort from Corporate Curve is a chance to relax in the company of a truly stunning woman. She will provide the kind of pleasure and sensual, erotic bliss you’ve only ever dreamed of in your most intense fantasies.

Our ladies are hand-picked for their beauty, their skill, and their love of providing powerful men with a real taste of escapism and sensory delight. They’re the perfect companions with whom to truly leave your workday worries at the door.

At Corporate Curve, we’ve got the women you’re looking for. What’s more, we offer elite packages and experiences, tailor-made to tick all of your lustful boxes. Guaranteed to hit all the right spots.

Our Top 3 Experiences:

The Girlfriend Experience: A passionate, hot, and wonderfully naughty experience. Enjoy this moment with a beautiful escort who will match her magnetism and desires with an emotional connection, that’ll leave you feeling utterly fulfilled.

The Pornstar Experience: Looking for something dirtier, naughtier, and more like the filthy movies you enjoy when you’re alone? Our girls will blow your mind with their porn-inspired moves and specialties and will take you to new levels of erotic satisfaction along the way.

Role Play Experience: Want to play out your fantasy of being seduced by your secretary? Love the thrill of costumes and lingerie, or have a specific encounter in mind? Our girls are more than happy to explore your innermost desires, and ensure you get exactly what you’ve been looking for… Even if you never realised it was what you needed.

The Ultimate Experience:

In many ways, an encounter with a high-end escort is actually the ultimate experience when it comes to blowing off steam. How do we know this? Well, simply look at the list we’ve just given you.

Not only with Corporate Curve’s passionate and erotically charged girls will you get to experience the utmost in sensual pleasure. But, they’ll also allow you to experience several of the other things we’ve just mentioned.

OK – so it’s unlikely they’ll give you a boxing class and might not be up for an 18-hole round of golf… But, they’ll love to try your cocktails or go to a party with you.

There’s no doubt they make beautiful and fascinating dinner dates. They’ll offer the ultimate relaxing massages, and will provide more serotonin than a whole day of sunbathing on the beach – we guarantee!

It might not be the most orthodox corporate relaxation recommendation out there. However, you know as well as we do that time spent with a beautiful woman is one of the best ways there is to let off steam.

If that time involves the exploration of your deepest fantasies with smooth, supple and naked skin, expensive lingerie, and a willing sexual partner looking to please you to the ultimate levels of fulfilment… Well, it simply doesn’t get much better than that.

We know you’re busy and that you need to travel a lot for work. We know you’re on the lookout for corporate stress-relief techniques that really work.

That’s why men just like you turn to Corporate Curve time after time: because our escorts for businessmen know how to get you to unwind in the best possible way.

Book an experience you’ll never forget today, and see the benefits for yourself.