The sweat trickles down your back uncomfortably as you check your watch for the umteenth time wishing the night was over. You try to keep up with the boring conversation from that inebriated, loud person to your right who continues to bump into you spilling her drink over your shoes for the third time.

You take a deep breath and reign yourself in as you reach for another semi-cold beer from the unsmiling waitress. 50 people in a room that should ideally have been 30 reminds you of the sheep to slaughter on a hot day. You politely excuse yourself, turn around and walk to the back of the room to feel that decent cool air and promise yourself that the next time your team plays will be in your specially ordered Corporate Box.

Why not make it a threesome or foursome with two of your best mates. You smile to yourself and make a mental note to call us at the Corporate Curve 0421 938 550.


A Corporate Box promises the comfort, sensual pleasure, relaxed time and one or two sizzling Steamy Team Player or three in a pre-booked 4 or 5 star private serviced apartment. An experience that offers you everything and more activating and engaging all your senses whilst you watch your favourite game behind the doors of a your very own private Corporate Box.

Companionable Conversation

Prepared meal by your host

Sensual Massage(s)

Team Intimacy

Choosing our Exclusive Experience allows you the adventure of an authentic connection with our mature and confident lady/ladies.