1Safety & Security
Our company policy requires you to allow our ladies to take a pic of your license or ID on arrival. It will be sent to our offices where it’s it filed confidentially and destroyed once the booking is over.

Please note our Security team is always close by.

2How many times can I have intercourse?
You pay for the privilege of satisfaction and it is in your interest to get value from the service which may bring this question to mind. After all you know your level of sexual ability.

The experience is based on satisfaction and the aim is to reach a comfortable connection between yourself and the lady you have chosen.

The question we ask you is, how many times can you get an erection during the time of this experience?

Allow yourself to let go and enjoy the chemistry that unfolds.

If you follow the correct guidelines of a perfect booking which in turn will gift you the pleasure of arousal of its most natural form, as many times as you are capable of is our answer.

3Natural Services
We have strong hygiene rules in place and we believe its important to practice safe sex.

We also understand it's important to honour a happy erection though hygiene and safety come first.

4How to conduct yourself during a booking
Allow her to get the financials out of the way and guide you to take a shower.

Polite, considerate and respectful with the pleasurable feeling of knowing how satisfying this will be if you are.

Consider this as mutual pleasure at all times. It takes two people to tango so let’s tango with the rhythm of the new and exciting.

Feel free to bring a gift Champagne/ Wine, flowers, Chocolates or ever a nice piece of lingerie or jewellery.

Naturally some of these gifts may happen once you become a regular.

Yes, it does happen once you develop that connection as she can become addictive. This is where relationship building begins

Sip a cool beverage and open yourself to the connection as you feel a letting go and start letting your barriers down.

Reach out and kiss her on the lips and say “it’s nice to meet you”.

A Lady loves a compliment. Compliments are a must if only the choice of a few well-chosen complimentary phrases like “you are so beautiful” or “you are so sexy” or “fuck you feel so good” “I love the way you do that” or “Good girl”

Lusty and passionate two people getting to know one another.

Conversation of curious questions of each other’s lives, don’t be afraid to ask or express as it’s the best part of the experience, the mental side is the wick to the explosion of a connection and connecting with the arousal of liking what you see and how you feel can be intoxicating. This is where the relaxation begins. The great sex that’s about to take place is the candle on the cake so to speak.

Once you have reached full satisfaction it nice to acknowledge the fact that you are happy.

No exchange of numbers are allowed. Allow closure to create itself.

5Health & Wellness of our Ladies
The offering of drugs or large quantities of alcohol is not considered respectful or considerate.

Not following the rules of hygiene in 3) is considered disrespectful.

Respect her direction of rinsing with provided mouth wash.

Well-endowed men need to be considerate, take care and be gentle.

Practising safe sex is your duty to everyone health and wellness.

1Texts that DON'T work
We run a professional business. Conduct yourself and inquiries as such.

Hi babe

How are you, How much is your rate?

Hey Sexy

Are you available?

What are your rates?

2Text messages that DO work
Hi my name is ………. I am from (area) I would like to inquire on your services, the cost, your location and your availability please.

Hi may I book Natalie next Wed @4pm?

Hi is Natalie available next Wed @ 4pm? Please confirm

Please advise me of your location?

Hi what experience do you suggest?

3Additonal Services
Not all ladies will perform anal, however if its your thing you have the privilege to request your desires at the time of booking.

Anal is an extra, as well as an extra cost.

Anal is a personal thing and a choice. It is not something you can just add on like extra caviar.

If there is a connection the desire to doing Anal comes from being comfortable and open it also comes from her being swept off her feet with deep passion and intoxicating desire that she may just surrender to needs.

Its also depends on the size of your anatomy see 1) Health & Wellness

4Your Hygiene
Please do not take offense by what we suggest here. It's merely a guideline.

You will be requested to shower on arrival.

Check your finger nails are clipped short and clean.

Fresh odour in all areas please.

Clean hair and please avoid sharp facial hair.

Ensure finger nails are clean and kept short. Please check them before booking. What seems short to you can be like a razor blade to her soft vaginal region.

A small scrape may cause an infection causing her to be our of action for a week.

5Extra Time
There is always extra time as we never book back to back bookings.

If you wish to venture over the threshold of our relaxed time concept it will then become what we call an extension.

It will be a relaxed discussion at the time instigated by our Steamy Team Players.

Try our Captivating CEO