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How to become an ideal lover?

Perfect people do not exist! This fact is confirmed with the years when it is necessary to survive betrayals and partings. But there are ideal mistresses who never remain alone. Any woman can master the mysteries of love, given that she has a special desire and eagerness. This is especially crucial for escorts. How to […]

Ways to increase the duration of sex

The duration of sex is one of the talked about topics for many men. And if you want to become the best girl with whom your partner happened to be in the same bed, it is in your interest to try to come up with something to extend the joint pleasure, even if only for […]

How to praise a man for good sex

There are many adult services in Sydney but not all of them have escort girls that know how to praise a man. Do you know what men really want to hear? Words of gratitude. It is usual for men to be surrounded by people and colleagues who will criticize at any given chance. Therefore, if you […]

The incentive to be always beautiful and well-groomed

Not all women consider it their duty be always beautiful and well-groomed. A young girl might think that the appearance is not the most important thing in a girl, someone with age and already married might be seen walking around with unwashed hair. There is a category of women who justify their untidy appearance by excessive […]

What really pleases men? Stuff escort girls should know

To finally have clear ideas on what really pleases men, we asked them this question. A smile, a pair of high heels? What exactly fills men’s eyes? These are valuable information for private escorts who are trying to maximize your earnings, you should work towards becoming the girl who is able to please men. Here […]

The erotic massage; art of arousing desire

An escort girl’s main objective is to please her client. A successful girl in the escort world possesses many skills to please her client above and beyond. However, being able to offer an erotic massage is not something any girl can do. To arouse the desire of your partner and reconnect with the body of […]

Why your man pays for sex

He’s taking a shower and you follow your gut feeling, knowing something doesn’t feel right with your relationship. You decide to do a snoop on his phone and of course, your gut feeling is confirmed. You find an unusual number! You do a sneaky call. Did the soft sensual voice on the other just say […]

Swept off her feet with passion

A Woman loves to be swept off her feet. This goes the same with escorts in Sydney, A Woman loves been swept away even if she doesn’t show it, or you are to stuck in your man box to be romantic or think its a waste of money. Building blocks for your relationship try something different […]


I lost my virginity at the age of 16 and I remember it clearly. It just seemed like a lot of pushing groaning and not much joy at all. To be honest I didn’t even know there was such a thing as an orgasm. Back in those days, it was not spoken of. I may […]