Top 10 Corporate Box Experiences Around the World

You’re a man of prestige and power, and you appreciate the finer things in life. For you, it’s all about the corporate box experiences. Finding yourself in the lap of luxury with the finest view of the action. A cold beer or glass of wine always in reach.

When you’re not at your desk, dealing with the myriad tasks that your job demands, you make sure that your downtime is filled with the most rewarding, the most exciting, and the most exclusive experiences within your reach.

You work hard, you play hard. That’s how it goes. And it’s not going to change anytime soon.

It’s been a long time since you’ve joined the masses and squeezed yourself into the crowd on the terraces. That’s not how a man like you enjoys the world’s finest sporting experiences. Crammed in with thousands of other people, unable to follow the game due to the braying of the people around you, and the discomfort of the cheaper seats… Only the best will do.


All over the world, sports venues and world-class sporting events are racing against one another to up the ante. Especially when it comes to comfort, exclusivity, and a sense of something truly unique for their most high-flying customers.

New boxes, apartments, and suites are being installed. Each of which is pushing the bar ever higher in an attempt to outdo the competition.

Make no mistake. Corporate box experiences have become the must-have encounters for the global elite and leaders of business.

Since luxury goods have become increasingly more accessible, the attention of the CEOs, movers and shakers, and aspirational businessmen of this world have shifted.

We understand your desire for exclusive encounters, unforgettable days out, and the various pleasures that come with luxuriating in unique spaces. Shared with others who understand their worth, of course.

Corporate box experiences allow you to:

  • Soak up the atmosphere
  • Enjoy the thrill of the event
  • Take your rightful place in the uppermost echelons of society and…

We can’t get enough of them.

Here is our run-down of the top ten most exciting, most exclusive, and most exhilarating corporate box experiences coming up in the world right now.

See you at the Champagne bar!


10. The Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020

When it comes to top world sporting events, nothing gets close to the Olympic Games.

From the spectacle of the opening and closing ceremonies, through to each of the varied events. The gold medals, the striving of the underdogs, and the truly international nature of this competition. It’s a high-octane thrill from start to finish.

Tokyo 2020 is set to be the biggest Olympic Games to date. With the Japanese capital’s dedication to luxury and sophistication, we have little doubt that the corporate box experiences will be second to none.

As yet, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have remained fairly quiet about what their top-price tickets will involve. However, we imagine that the corporate box experiences on offer are likely to be above and beyond any expectations. All as a result of this beautiful city’s incomparable reputation for elegance, etiquette, and eye-popping extravagance.

Likely to be on the cards:

No matter what the finer details turn out to be, we’re sure that a corporate box at Tokyo 2020 is set to be an experience of a lifetime.


9. ICC Cricket World Cup England 2019

If you’re a big fan of cricket, then the ICC Cricket World Cup in England 2019 is going to be something of a Mecca for you.

The world’s greatest cricket teams will be coming together from across the globe. Heading to the UK and battling it out in a series of matches; which are sure to show off the headiest highs that this game provides.

The corporate box experiences at Lords, Edgbaston, and the Kia Oval (among other premium cricket venues) are packed full of luxury and old-school glamour. The kind that only London and its surroundings can provide.

The exclusive pavilion at Lord’s, for example, includes:

  1. A three-course dinner prepared by one of the city’s top chefs
  2. Flawless viewing advantages of the game
  3. Unlimited Champagne and,
  4. Even a classic British afternoon tea to follow.

It’s set to be a truly sophisticated encounter with this historic game. And one which is sure to take your enjoyment of every match to new heights of perfection.


8. The State of Origin 2019 – First Game in Brisbane

When the New South Wales Blues face up against the Queensland Maroons, you know that sparks are going to fly.

The State of Origin series is a beloved best-of-three competition that keeps the whole rugby league-loving nation on the edges of their seats. Getting a corporate box at the first match of the series is a prestigious treat that all fans crave to experience.

If you’re able to get yourself a corporate box at the first game in Brisbane, you’re in for a real treat.

These luxurious open-air boxes:

A dedicated host will ensure you’re well looked after from the kick-off to the final whistle… and then on to the revelry which follows.

You’ll even get a traditional meat pie for half-time. Although we imagine it’ll be a somewhat more exclusive reimagining of the pies served down in the stands.


7. Melbourne Cup Day 2019

When you’re heading along for one of the biggest racing events in the Australian calendar, you want to make sure that your experience of the sport-of-kings is one truly fit for a monarch.

As the hooves of those magnificent beasts thunder past on the lush turf, and the hopes and dreams of all the punters rest on whoever crosses that finish line first. You’ll be able to enjoy the magnificent setting of the Hill Stand Corporate Box at Flemington in style.

This corporate box experience has been specially curated to ensure that the entire afternoon is filled with exclusive delights, including:

  • Flemington’s multi-award winning chef, Peter Rowland. Who will be cooking up delicious meals for your enjoyment
  • There will be a wealth of fine beverages available and,
  • You’ll be able to follow the minutiae of the action thanks to your trackside seats and the hi-res screens set up throughout the box.

What’s more. The dedicated staff at Flemington will be on hand throughout, to offer hostess services to fulfill your every need.


6. FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia feels like it only ended days ago. But in the ever-moving world of football, fever pitch is already surrounding 2022’s competition along the sun-baked coast of Qatar.

When it comes to luxury, exclusivity, and unadulterated decadence – this small Gulf nation has some spectacular form. And frankly, we’re on tenterhooks to see exactly how dramatic the hospitality put on by the Qataris will be.

The finer details remain tightly under wraps. But we’re expecting top chefs, beautiful hostesses, utterly sumptuous furnishings, and suites which go above and beyond even the loftiest of expectations.

No matter what. We’ve no doubt, whatsoever, that a corporate box experience at Qatar 2022 will be one for the history books. An encounter with luxury quite unlike anything that’s come before.


5. Rugby World Cup Tokyo 2019

When you think of luxury experiences in Tokyo, a whole number of things come to mind. Each more tempting and tantalising than the last.

The city truly excels when it comes to high levels of personalised service and formality. And the corporate box experiences at the Tokyo 2019 Rugby World Cup is set to be no exception.

For fans of the game, you might consider spending time in the care of the attentive staff at Yokohama Stadium’s famed Webb Ellis Suite. Sure to be the perfect way to enjoy this worldwide event.

Not only will guests at their corporate box experience enjoy the very finest of Japanese cuisine and a wide range of highly sought-after drinks. They’ll also get unparalleled views of any match they wish to enjoy.

On top of this, the corporate box experience will provide:

Once the match is wrapped up and done, you’ll be able to head out into the glittering lights of Tokyo. Accompanied – if you wish – by your own dedicated tour guide. Perfection!


4. Super Bowl LIII Final Atlanta 2019

Big, bombastic, and utterly awe-inspiring. The Super Bowl is a legendary sporting competition. Which sets the entirety of the US ablaze with excitement and raw passion.

The Super Bowl LIII Final 2019 is going to be bigger than ever before. Bigger stars performing, bigger exclusive entertainment options, bigger, faster and more dynamic matches. And all with the finest luxury options that do the country proud.

Booking yourself a corporate box at the 2019 event in Atlanta, Georgia, is going to open the doors to a day of extravagance and unbridled fun unlike any other.

Ticket holders get to enjoy:

  • Nine hours of access to their luxury suite – during which time they’ll be pampered with fantastic dining and drink options
  • VIP access to a host of exclusive events – including the opening ceremony, the match itself, and a load of pre- and post-game parties and lounges
  • Accompanied by top pundits, and the beautiful NFL cheerleading squad.

Who could ask for anything more?


3. Wimbledon 2019

Wimbledon is a tennis lover’s dream annual event. And is – in many ways – the ultimate sophisticated sporting competition. Typified as much by Champagne breakfasts and afternoon tea as it is by green grass, world class players, and a stunning London location.

To enjoy a corporate box experience at Wimbledon 2019 is to luxuriate in the best of British hospitality. We know you will make the most of this exclusive and genteel day out at the courts.

This tennis contest loves to pull out all of the stops when it comes to high-class hospitality.

Those who have booked a luxury court-side box and corporate suite will be dazzled by the elegance on display:

  • Chauffeur services ensure your entrance is as smooth as possible
  • The beautiful floral displays during the competition are an attraction in itself – which fill the Instagram feeds of the rich and famous
  • Fine food and the very best of English and French sparkling wine
  • A spacious open-air balcony and,
  • Traditional English butler service

The list of treats which await go on and on and on.


2. UEFA Champions League Final Madrid 2019

Can’t get enough of the beautiful game? Then nothing could beat the adrenaline-pumping thrill of being present at the UEFA Champions League Final in 2019.

Nothing, that is, except for enjoying the fast-paced soccer of two championship teams comfortably from the private executive suites at one of the world’s top stadiums.

The Champions League Final in 2019 will take place at the beautiful and magnificent Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid, Spain. The top-tier tickets will boast the finest seats in the house.

The corporate suites are located in the corners of the pitch, offering:

  • Unrivaled views of the match
  • Complete with hostess service, world-class cuisine, and live entertainment before and after the game.

Once the trophy has been raised and the crowds have dispersed, you’ll be free to experience the unbeatable nightlife of Madrid’s famed bars and clubs.


1. Corporate Curve’s Corporate Box Experience

While the world’s top sporting events doubtlessly offer adrenaline-fuelled moments aplenty. Nothing can compare with the delight and sensual pleasure offered by one or more of Corporate Curve’s stunning and talented escorts.

Their passion and endurance rival that of anyone playing on the pitch. With our Corporate Box Experience you’ll get the full VIP treatment worthy of a high-flying executive, such as yourself.

It’s the perfect way to make match day even more exciting. To luxuriate in five-star hospitality, of a kind you’ll never discover at even the most prestigious stadium suites.

With the Corporate Box Experience, you can anticipate the very heights of luxury and pleasure.

The list includes a whole lot more than exceeds even the highest of expectations:

It’s the best of all possible worlds. An experience which proves the very best things in life really do come to those who never settle for second best.

Reach out and grab what you desire with your eyes firmly on the prize.

Enquire now.