A lady loves a compliment

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January 3, 2018
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A lady loves a compliment.

No truer words spoken, see, its the key to the beginning of what makes a woman tick, a compliment is an acknowledgement.

“Babies cry for it and grown men died for it”

Been able to sincerely pay a compliment in general is a reflection of giving of the self, to the self, if that makes sense. Let me put it this way if you are complimentary to yourself, you will find it easy to be complimentary to others. I believe it is taken as a positive attribute to ones personality.

Some might say its kissing the rear or sucking up or not into it, an expression that usually comes from someone who suffers from low self esteem and has low opinion of them selves, and in turn finds it hard to complement or acknowledge themselves

You may feel its not a part of your personality or you may have been brought up in a dysfunctional situation so it may not be easy. if so I encourage you embrace it, work on it and turn it around. That was then, this now, see it for what it is, feel it and change it.

I encourage you to see the good it will bring to your heart and your relationships in general.

To practice acknowledging or giving a compliment is a good trait to have, it just works in this life, it feels good and its considered nice to give a compliment, Try it, see what happens.

Its easy to be nice.

Then on the other hand the person your paying the compliment to may have issues with receiving, in that case feeling shy, awkward and comfortable when you compliment them, the timing and the delivery is most important.

Now getting back to the topic, a Lady Loves a Compliment. A compliment on arrival as you kiss her hello whisper in her ear. It is imperative to compliment during intimacy, it shows her that you are into her, she will respond more than you know.

Here are some one liners that will make her smile and be excited to be with you.

Hey hello how are you its so nice to see you, (as you embrace with a kiss hello whisper in her ear)

your are look great.

I love it when you say that

I love what you are wearing.

During intimacy

I love how you feel

I love that

You do that so well

You smell so good

You feel so good

You are so sexy

I love how your pussy feels

I love when you say that to me

I love the way you make me feel.

A compliment must come across with a sincere authentic manner. Say it with meaning

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