The erotic massage; art of arousing desire

An escort girl’s main objective is to please her client. A successful girl in the escort world possesses many skills to please her client above and beyond. However, being able to offer an erotic massage is not something any girl can do.

To arouse the desire of your partner and reconnect with the body of your companion, nothing is better than a good massage. Not only does it relax and release all accumulated tension, but it also raises desire of the men towards you. Adding this valuable skill to your arsenal, you will be the favourite escort girl choice for your clients.

If you are an escort girl working in adult services in Sydney or looking to become one, massaging skills are something that will get you very far very quickly. Your earnings will be much higher compared to other girls. You will become the ideal lover by offering your services of a perfect massage. To do so, follow our guide.

Create an environment that is relaxing

First, we need to create an environment that pleases the mind just by being in it. Subdued lighting, candles with a nice scent, comfortable bed, relaxing music and beautiful outfit. To massage, the bed is not the best solution, we prefer to opt for a mattress on the floor or several blankets. Once installed, you as the masseur try to find the most comfortable position to start to massage gently.

By massaging your client, you will be acting like his girlfriend – a person who takes care of him sincerely.

The fingers then go through the most muscular areas by forcing on the thumbs to relax the contracture areas.

Face, neck, shoulders, hands, back, buttocks, thighs, legs and feet – every part of the body should be taken care of.

It is important that your hands can slide along your partner’s body in a natural way.

We start gently, there is reason to rush. Touching the body of your partner is the best way to discover their sensitive areas. Touching with your fingertips, massaging gently and being on the lookout for feedback from your partner helps to decipher his desires. No part of the body should be put aside.

We remain attentive to the sensations of the client; the pressure varies according to his reactions. If his reactions look to sensitive, you might want to go a bit softer and slower with your massage.

We invest in massage oils. They are chosen relatively fluid and oily so that they slide and do not stick. Avoid paraffin oil and chemicals and prefer organic vegetable oil. In terms of perfumes, you have the choice of: sweet almond, macadamia, apricot kernel, sesame and etc.

The overall goal is nevertheless to ensure connections between the body’s energy points (also called chakras). It is advisable to carry out this massage with a hot oil to awaken the senses.

The next tip is to establish a dialogue – communitcating with your partner, a passionate and intimate dialogue. You can also make a voluptuous contact between you and your dear client, starting with slight touches, deep looks and kisses, to bring you more intimacy.

What are the objects to leave out? Easy: anything that causes you to distract yourself and interrupt the massage. Don’t keep your mobile phones, tablets or any other gadgets in the room. This time is special for you and your partner which must stay exclusive.

Remember to remove all your jewellery so as not to hurt your partner accidentally. Finally, you must fairly attractive, preferably, in lingerie.

Massage is only effective if you are having fun too. If your partner sees that it bores you, it will be difficult for him to enjoy and appreciate what you are doing.

Which products to choose for an erotic massage?

Oils, gels, candles, creams … There are many products designed to provide erotic massages. They help to smooth movements and make the massage even more enjoyable.


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