How to become an ideal lover?

Perfect people do not exist! This fact is confirmed with the years when it is necessary to survive betrayals and partings. But there are ideal mistresses who never remain alone. Any woman can master the mysteries of love, given that she has a special desire and eagerness. This is especially crucial for escorts.

How to become the girl in men’s fantasies?

What do men dream about? This question has been asked for hundreds of years. Of course, the great temptresses knew that any representative of the stronger sex would strive for domination, self-affirmation and enjoyment with his second half. The sphere of leisure allows wealthy men to get everything they dream about in a sexual and erotic way. Is it possible for an ordinary woman to become an ideal lover? Of course, yes!

A good lover is a connoisseur

The good lover is the one who masters the art of sex. She does not hesitate to say aloud her desires and carries her partner in his wildest fantasies while sharing with him her desires and pleasures.

This woman knows how to arouse envy in her partner, and she masters sensual erotic games to perfection. She has the gift of lighting the flame of desire in her partner and, at the heart of the action; she continues to do good to her partner for moments of intense sharing.

Gone are the days when they talked about sex in a whisper and blushing. Today you can diversify your intimate life by using pornographic movies, using toys for adults and using a variety of sexual techniques. Additional literature and revelations of elite courtesans give an accurate idea of which women can use to their advantage in the escort business.

Forget the taboo, because the more you know about sex, the more you will have fun and be able to express it. Feel free to research, read and learn about themes that catch your attention in the sexual field, know your body and that of men and discover their pleasure points.

Be open and stay open to new experiences. Each partner is different, some girls like this and others do not, but as long as you are not afraid to live experiences and test new things, you will still be considered a good lover because you like to please.

A good lover is interesting and knows how to discuss, and therefore listen. From trivial conversations to the particular ways of whimpering that “it” has pleased them; men love good talkers, who also often have the quality of being good in bed.

The perfect lover knows how to kiss and touch. It sounds obvious, but do you think all women know how to do it? The fact is that this is not the case. As an escort, you should be very skilled at this to please your clients.

Speech before, during, and after love is fundamental for men, for whom trust and intimacy are the prerequisites for the sexual act. Women need to find the correct words: tender and flattering before, scoundrels just before orgasm, hugs after. So much for the theory. It remains to find the balance with your natural tendency.

Oral sex. No man will refuse a blowjob. Periodically you can go below the navel to give your partner an incredible feeling. Sexy underwear should be at hand. Men love beautiful looking women, so you need to beautifully “pack” your body.

Our lovely escorts possess the knowledge and experience to please their clients, gained through years of experience in the field. You will not think twice for choosing another agency once you have been to Corporate Curve.

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